This website is intended to be an additional resource for students, teachers, and parents who are trying to make sense of U.S. history. It is not intended to replace reading your textbook, doing assigned homework, or going to class (listen to your teacher – he or she is trying to help you!!). The vast majority of the content is on 1820 – the present. My hope is that you will find lots of help here in your journey to fully understanding the past. Happy studying!

About the author:

Mrs. Lemons graduated with a Bachelors degree from Vanderbilt University, and she is now in her fifth year teaching high school U.S. history. Prior to that she taught middle school science, and even before that she worked in the corporate world trading stocks and optimizing healthcare operations. All of her teaching experience has been in public schools in Florida, which is why this site is inspired by the Florida curriculum. She is passionate about helping people learn many things, including the history of the United States. At home she enjoys spending time with her loving family and writing all sorts of books.

Hopefully you will find this site helpful in your study of U.S. history!

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