Read, Read Again, Then Repeat: Study Skill from

Instructions: Read your textbook (or articles or other required reading). As you read each paragraph, make sure you understand what you just read. Can you summarize that last paragraph? Or can you remember the main idea of it? If not, go back to the last thing you recognize/remember and read again. Keep rereading until you comprehend all of the information.

Reading your textbook probably isn’t high on your list of priorities, but it should be. This is especially true if you’re struggling to make the grade you want to make. There’s no substitute for the amount of information you can learn from reading. Plus, after you’ve been introduced to a topic (by reading your textbook, for example), it will be much easier to understand when you are exposed to it again (like in your teacher’s lesson).

Maybe you’ve tried to read your textbook, but you got so lost in all of the vocabulary and dry detail that you gave up the good fight. Getting lost when reading a textbook (or reading anything, for that matter) is normal. Another teacher once told me, “We are all crazy when we read.” She went on to explain that there are three voices in our head when we read:

  1. The text itself
  2. Our thoughts about the text
  3. Whether or not we should eat a burrito for dinner.
  • If you’re not as food obsessed as I am, that third voice might be saying, “I wonder what my friend just texted me about,” or, “I wonder if my Aunt Mildred is ever going to leave our house,” or maybe something else. The bottom line is there’s always a distraction making you think about anything other than what you are reading, and that is why it is so easy to read a text yet have no idea what you just read. When that happens, stop, go back, and reread.
  • Many people also find it helpful to take notes when they read. If you are allowed to mark on the text, highlighting important information as you go along can also help you stay focused. Check back later for posts about note taking and reading strategies!
  • Happy studying,
  • Mrs. Lemons
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